Upcoming Secrets of Speed riding/racing schools by  Smokin' Joe Kopp
Some Dates are TENTATIVE and will be confirmed soon!
coming soon at:

Boise, Idaho April 15, 2017
Milestone Rcwy, Riverside, CA April 21, 2017
Spokane, Washington April 29, 2017
Vernon, BC, Canada May 6, 2017
Prairie City, California May 18, 2017
Sioux Falls, South Dakota June 21, 2017 
Greenville, Ohio June 23, 2017
Indianapolis, Indiana June 27, 2017
Lawrenceburg, Indiana June 28, 2017
DuQouin, Illinois July 2, 2017

For additional info contact Joe @
   Welcome to THE SECRETS OF SPEED school that was started by Smokin' JOE KOPP, a multi-time AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) Flattrack National Champion. 
Have you ever wondered what might be the best way to spend your time and money to get you riding faster and more consistent? What do you think is the method that'll reduce your lap times the most for every dollar spent? How much do you spend on aftermarket parts, kits or whatever for your bike? What if you put some of that effort and money into yourself? 
     THE SECRETS OF SPEED schools were started because as a racer I realized that not very many other racers/athletes knew what made their competitors better than them on any given day. Most racers/athletes will just show up at an event , time and time again and pretty much use "wishful thinking" that all the time they had spent working out in the gym, riding their bike or working on their bikes was going to make them faster this time. Approaching a tough challenge with the same approach as last time, and expecting it to turn out differently is not reasonable.... something needs to change to get the better results you want.
My racing experience and training with a licensed sports psychologist while I was at the top level of my sport gave me invaluable knowledge and the perfect set of skills to understand from a competitors view point what a racer/athlete needs, rather than from a psychologists viewpoint. Most people spend the bulk of their time improving physical skills and almost completely ignore their Mental skills. I agree you need a good physical conditioning program, but if you do not have the Mental skills and Physical riding knowledge to go along with it, then you are wasting your time. You may not realize it or think about much just yet, but your mind is what controls your Performance! Think about this..... If you physically train harder, or you get a faster, better bike for that one special race, then why don't you automatically get better results everytime at times like that? Let me show you why it is VERY important to have your mind working for you and not against you.
     We have two separate types of schools at the THE SECRETS OF SPEED .
One being a Riding/Racing Skills school on the bike, and the other being a Mental Skills school. I have taught students from every age, from 5 years old up to old timer, or "season veteran" as they like to call themselves. Both schools have programs available for the "beginning amateur" all the way up to the "seasoned professional" that still might need that little edge to move up to the next level. We also offer one-on-one or group coaching for both schools.
     THE SECRETS OF SPEED is for people with a vision to be the Very Best! Give me a call or email and let me help you with a custom tailored program for your individual needs. Contact us at :


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